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Sometimes it is hard to truly understand what “support” means to the families of children diagnosed with chronic illness or disabilities. You may wonder what, exactly, your gifts to Raising Special Kids accomplish. Read on for a glimpse of how YOUR donations transformed one family.

"My 8 year old daughter Karen was diagnosed on July 4th with viral meningitis and eventually acute encephalitis. Karen was admitted to the hospital for three and a half months and came home with a severe brain injury. It left my perfectly healthy daughter unable to walk, talk, or communicate in any way, and needing a g-tube to eat. I just wanted to speak to someone who had been through something similar, so I called Raising Special Kids. The pain of having to go through this all alone had become unbearable and not knowing the final outcome hurt even more.”

During this difficult time, Karen’s mother had to stop working for four months, and the family experienced financial hardship. Karen’s brother, who had been a good student, began having a hard time coping with his sister’s illness and his school work suffered. Karen needed special educational services and was transferred to another school away from her friends. Her mother found it hard to know how to participate in IEP meetings at school and to advocate for her daughter. It was also hard to find any substitute caregivers or child care appropriate for Karen’s needs.

Here’s how your gifts helped Raising Special Kids help Karen’s family:

First, Raising Special Kids matched Karen’s mother with a trained and experienced parent mentor to provide information, encouragement, and support.

A $75 gift provides parent mentor training for one volunteer

 Raising Special Kids staff provided assistance in locating and following up with appropriate community resources for child care and a range of other social services.

A $250 gift provides care coordination services for one family

Next, Raising Special Kids provided an Individual Education Plan Partner to explain special education issues and attend school meetings with Karen’s mother.

A $500 gift provides one-on-one special education consultation for one family

Karen is now walking with equipment assistance, eating, and talking, and was transferred back to her regular school with her former classmates. Her mother was able to get her job back working at the bank, and family life is much easier for everyone. Karen’s mother says she wants to volunteer for Raising Special Kids to help other parents and families of children with disabilities.


Your gift today will make a difference to another family like Karen’s. Donate now.


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Join Our Monthly Giving Program!

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