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Connecting is Raising Special Kids' newsletter available by mail, email or on this website and distributed to more than 11,000 families and professionals. It is designed to educate and inform families and professionals on disability-related topics. The topic of the lead article is listed with the date for each issue.

Winter 2017 - Whoa! What is WIOA?

Summer 2017 - A Healthy Dose of Fun

Spring 2017 - Just how important is Medicaid for children & youth with disabilities?

​Winter 2016 - What's that you say? 12 Teacher Terms Demystified​

Fall 2016 - ABLE Accounts:10 Things You Should Know

Summer 2016 - Make Your Voice Heard - Vote!

Spring 2016 - Optimistic Parenting

Winter 2015 - Getting a Grip on Assistive Technology

Fall 2015 - Rising to the Occasion: 2 Stories of Post-Secondary Success

Summer 2015 - Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

Spring 2015 - What’s the Best School for My Child?

Winter 2014 - Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

Fall 2014 - Service Dogs

Summer 2014 - Travel Tips For Individuals With Disabilities

Spring 2014 - Legal Options

Fall 2013 - The Dilemma of Zero Tolerance

Summer 2013 - Getting Ready - What Can Your Family Do to Prepare for a Disaster?

Spring 2013 - Athletics for All

Winter 2012 - New Early Intervention Model

Fall 2012 - A Parent's Role in the IEP Process

Summer 2012 - How Reliable is the Information You Read on the Internet?

Spring 2012 - Skills for Success

Winter 2011 - Universal Design for Learning

Fall 2011 - Medicaid Critical to Special Needs Families

Summer 2011 - Positive Behavior Support

Spring 2011 - Parents as Change Agents

Winter 2010 - Health Care Reform

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Join Our Monthly Giving Program!

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